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  • Weight Loss

    I am 75 year old woman looking to find support for weight loss. Unfortunately, I'm served three delicious meals a day In an assisted living facility. In just six months I've gained at least 20 pounds..

    Although I know what healthy choices are, I would gladly give up most food for dessert.

    My energy level may improve now that I've adjusted to dialysis and have fewer excuses for avoiding any exercise at all.

    Would you like to find someone like me to help you lose weight and/or add exercise to your day? I am waiting to hear from you. Thanks!

    Your Pittsburgh Pen Pal

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    Hi stucker, wow you have a good news/bad news situation..if someone placed cooked meals in front of me 3 times a day I'd have a hard time too.

    is there any way you can have them serve on SOME of the daily men?

    ie.. if you followed a lower carbohydrate diet you dont need the pasta, bread and potatoes..just the meat and veggies.

    some fruit- mostly berries..and NO sugary dessert.

    I would fight to get them to adapt your serving to YOUR need for less calories and carbs.

    Exercise for weight loss is proven to be a zero..you will feel better for moving, but only be hungrier is what they've discovered UNLESS you can control what you ar eeating.

    I was in a car accident 5 years ago, then stroke on the bad side after that..so at 66 I can barely walk my dog 30 min a day..yet I've lost 27 pounds in 6 months, not hungry, by elimating carbs and sugars.

    it will be harder for you, but please push the dietitian to help what you are served as step one..good luck!


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      I've found it very difficult to lose weight since I've been on dialysis. I struggle all the time with anemia--much more than my other dialysis buddies seem to. I had to lose weight to be eligible for a transplant. I weigh 100 lbs less than when I was first diagnosed with PKD. I lost it in stages. However, it took me over a year to lose just 15 lbs. My exercise is limited because I have Charcot's Disease (thanks, PKD, for another physical problem.). No walking. However, I've taken the plunge while my hemoglobin is good, and I've been riding an exercise bike and doing some strength training (that I can do sitting down) and swimming. My dietitian won't let me eat lower than 1600 calories a day, and I eat plenty of protein, fruits, veg, and minimal carbs. Still, it takes me a month to six weeks just to lose a pound. Still, I keep trying. I feel better when I'm eating lots of lean protein and taking charge of my diet. Good luck.


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        I've been an HHD patient for three years and during that time I've maintained active work and play lives. I've also lost nearly 15 lbs off my 5'-9" frame - from 163 to 148. It's been gradual, about 5 lbs per year. My BMI has never been above the Normal of 25. My energy level has not dissipated, appetite normal and I'm still able to do everything I did before starting HHD. My only medical issue is ESRD from PKD at age 61. I was recently able to discontinue BP medication for the first time since 1993 - nearly ten years before my PKD diagnosis and almost 20 years before starting HHD. I am suspicious that the weight loss had something to do with this as my HHD therapy hasn't changed during the three years.


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          My dad is in an assisted living facility, and I've noticed than in such places, mealtime is about the only time people really socialize. People pretty much plan their days around meal times, and being on a diet would put you at a disadvantage. My suggestion is to talk to a dietitian (either at dialysis or at the facility), and bring in a sample menu. Then plan what you should eat and what you shouldn't. Don't be afraid to not eat all of what they serve you, too.


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            Hi stucker,

            At this age appropriate nutrition is more important. Instead of concentrating on cutting calories, focus on eating nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and veggies, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. If you're not sure how to eat diet plans, a nutritional expert can help you create a diet plan that'll keep you fit and strong. For more about you can visit: http://www.sureviagra.com/factors-th...-in-women.html


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              Below some tips for weight loss

              Do exercise like
              1. Yoga
              2. Cardio
              3. Strength training such as lifting small weights, or doing crunches, sit-ups and bicycle crunches

              Take a Breakfast like
              1. Two slices of peanut butter toast with a banana, clementine or apple.
              2. A cup of coffee.

              Lunch like
              1. Canned salmon or baked turkey, with a fruit and a vegetable.

              Dinner like
              1. A protein and a vegetable and a fruit.

              Take a healthy Fresh fruits like pineapple, apples, bananas, clementines and grapes.
              Also take a green tea it is also useful for your health which helps for lose you weight

              For more information, kindly visit: http://www.assertmeds.com/early-walk...-benefits.html


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                lesathomas I was told to avoid bananas because they have to much potassium. I think there was a problem with clementines to on a kidney friendly diet. Also just about anything canned food has a lot of sodium in it. I was also told to avoid peanut butter because of needing to avoid nuts due to high potassium. The dietitian told me that trying to lose weight and eating a kidney friendly diet are hard to accomplish. It's a real balancing act with your potassium,phosphorus levels.


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                  1scaredcat, your ideas are headed in the right direction, but alas, dietary issues are particular to each of us as individuals. Peanut butter is not so good, if you eat it 3x per day and sometimes as a snack. But as with anything, moderation and consideration of the values of the protein, your ability to offset phosphorus with binders and the enjoyment a good pb&j can bring to the soul all have to be considered before you banish yourself from ANYTHING. The weight loss and the kidney diet make life tough, but honestly good portion control mixed with increase activity/exercise will drive weight down, even if it is as little as 1 pound per month.That AAKP reference book is AWESOME at characterizing the phosphorus/potassium and salt content as well as calorie and fat content of most foods. I learned so much from that I ecarry it with me to the supermarket...


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                    Thanks rich I know I have a hard time balancing my diet. Since I am not on dialysis yet I am trying to stay off as long as possible. Sometimes I am a little to picky bout what I eat.(mostly from worry) I am learning day by day. I will have to get the AAKP reference book also.


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                      lesathomas ..did you not pay attention to the fact she is SERVED all her meals in a facility??? she can't cook or keep lot of foods in her room either.

                      you have no idea her health or nutrition needs so suggesting some basic plan means nothing for her question.
                      Thankfully she knows no bananas, etc and can avoid such advice.


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                        Take a balanced meal, full of nutrition rich foods and exercise regularly.
                        Quality Urgent Care San Antonio


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                          I want to order book for weightloss while on dialysis


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                            Weifgt loss on dyialsis


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                              Originally posted by lovefamily3 View Post
                              I want to order book for weightloss while on dialysis
                              I will suggest you to consult your doctor. They will suggest you which exercise will be best while on dialysis


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