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I cane here for this article.....

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  • I cane here for this article.....


    At the bottom is a section entitled:

    "If I can’t have protein, what can I have?"

    It's the entire reason I arrived. I can't eat solid proteins or powder proteins because my body seems to have become allergic. Eating ANY meaningful volume of these causes my intestines to inflame, burn like hell and eventually shut down. I hoped to find something useful in that above-mentioned section. But it says "Although your diet may be limited in high protein foods, you will still eat a variety of foods. You will eat small portions of high protein foods such as eggs, milk, meat, poultry and fish."

    Wow. No I won't. Those make me want to commit sepukku after about 4 hours. So this article is absolutely pointless to answer my question, and the answer given in the mentioned section countermands itself by saying you'll still have what you can't have. Stupid. Poor excuse for facts, poor excuse for being observational. So here it is. If you can't have solid proteins, skip consuming them altogethr by just having powdered amino acids. How hard was that people????

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    These are high proteins, foods, such as milk, meat, fish and eggs,
    and these are solid proteins.


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      I pretty much gave up on proteins before I started dialysis. I was sick all the time and kept dropping foods from my diet. Now that I started dialysis, I am to eat as much protein as possible. I still have trouble with any red meat so I eat eggs, chicken and fish. Still not a lot like I use to but I tolerate them. I can tolerate the smell of red meat cooking which I couldn't before dialysis. You have to remember that each kidney disease is different and affects each person differently. It is frustrating but you need to know your own body.


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