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Help with Weight Gain

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  • Help with Weight Gain

    Hello fellow kidney troopers,
    I need some help gaining weight. Ive lose tooooo much weight and i look like a stick now. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Ive lost over 30 lbs and i lost my beautiful young shape. Please help me. Thank youu

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    I'm struggling with the same. Key is to increase calorie intake. I've added snacks to my daily routine. It helps some. Problem is, sometimes I'm too full for the next meal and eat less of the nutrition I need. Hopefully a dietician will weigh in here. Good luck to you!


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      I've been given the ok by my Dietician so I supplement with a protein powder that I add to smoothies. Coconut milk, fruit and vanilla whey protein. Just read the labels to make sure no one thing is too much mineral wise. These are not sugar infested weight gainers but a good natural source of what I need. Again, I consulted my dietician before I made the decision to take this.


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        Coconut milk is high in both potassium and phosphorus. NOT good for a dialysis patient.


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