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Help with weight loss while on hemodialysis!!

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  • Help with weight loss while on hemodialysis!!

    Hi guys, my name is Zana and I am currently 24 years old. A bit about me....I was born with underdeveloped kidneys which resulted in me receiving a kidney transplant when I was 5 years old in 1998. My transplant began to run its course in February 2017 and I finally started dialysis in October. I decided wait until the New Year to start execerising again to lose weight by graduation in May. I am at 142 pounds and Im trying to get down to 134. However, I have been working my *** off at the gym while keeping up with the kidney diet as well as hemodialysis AND grad school and honestly I've been weighing the same (142) for the past month and I honestly have no idea why. I've been using my fitness pal, eating carbs twice a day for the days I work out (after the gym and dinner) and once a day for days I don't. If I have dialysis that day, I'll try to eat something before or during (typically a sandwich or a salad). However after dialysis, I'm STARVING so I always manage to eat a lot before going to bed (anyone know how to curb that???). I guess my question is: has anyone managed to lose a substantial amount of weight while on hemodialysis? If so, how? And does fluid intake have a huge part in it? because I drink a lot of water while working out and during the day but I've been trying to limit that. Any answers would be GREATLY appreciated because I'm frustrated lol.

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    You might want to consider Weight watchers. While keeping with your kidney diet you will follow a point system. You can eat most things but it helps keep track and control what and how much you eat.


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      Also, with consideration to any fluid restrictions, drink a glass of water at night and it might help to not eat as much


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        Two thing to keep in mind. Muscle weighs more than fat. You are given a fluid intake limet, I suggest you stay within that limet if you don't want that excess water weight left in your body. So I guess you don't want to work out to the point you get so thirsty you are just chugging that water. Sure someone with a little more knowledge about struggling with dialysis and weight loosing will probably have more suggestions.


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