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  • Peritoneal Dialysis

    I have been on dialysis since Jan. 2006. I have hemodialysis three time a week - Mon, Weds, Fri for 4 hours. per. at a clinic.
    I just found out about Peritoneal and Continous Amblutory Peritoneal Dialysis. Can anyone enlighten me as to how they work, and the Pros and Cons of the treatments?

    Thank you,
    Dick Lewis

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    too long to list. Just do a quick google.


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      Peritoneal Dialysis

      You can also check out '' for explanations and comparisons of PD and Hemo. Home options are many. I have been doing PD for 2yrs on a cycler and like it very much. Its easy on the body and the diet is a bit less restrictive.


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        PD dialysis

        PD dialysis is done at home.
        there are two type one is CAPD and other is APD.
        in both of the cases a soft tube is inserted inside the patient abdomen.
        dialysis fluid is infused inside the patient peritonium{abdomen} and is drained after every four to six hours.
        In APD u do the process by connection to a machine .it si done at night.the process is same as CAPD only it is done by machine.
        both are stressfree and painfree process.
        no restriction on diet,fluid and salt.
        no blood transfusion and maintaining hemoglobin level is very easy.
        u can lead a normal healthy life without going to hospital.
        there are no ups and down like hemodialysis and u can do the process years after year without hospitalization.
        if u want any more information u can contact me at

        Originally posted by Dick Lewis
        I have been on dialysis since Jan. 2006. I have hemodialysis three time a week - Mon, Weds, Fri for 4 hours. per. at a clinic.
        I just found out about Peritoneal and Continous Amblutory Peritoneal Dialysis. Can anyone enlighten me as to how they work, and the Pros and Cons of the treatments?

        Thank you,
        Dick Lewis


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          PD Vs. HD

          I've been a PD patient since apr. 2004 although I have no experience with HD I have heard what patients go through on HD, so I'm happy I chose PD.
          On PD, you have control of your treatment. From the time of the treatment to how much fluid you want to remove. I do CAPD 4x/day (more if I need to remove more fluid). My diet isn't restricted like on HD. The only thing I keep on eye on is my phos level.
          If I were you I'd ask my Dr. about switching. Hopefully you're a condidate and experience the freedom of PD.
          good luck to you!!
          Marina : )
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            Some ppl can't do PD at all....I am one of those.

            If you have too many infections from everything, like IV's, lines ect..then it's not a good idea for you.

            Also, you can't shower for about 3 months i've heard?
            you can only take sponge baths


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              As for the not showering, I was only restricted for the first
              week after surgery. After that, as long as I kept the
              exit site covered and dry, no problem with showers!

              You can't have baths, or swim in public pools, ponds,
              or lakes. You can swim in some private pools and
              some oceans (check with your nurse first).

              I like PD. It gives me a lot more flexibility and mobility.
              I'm on the cycler now, which gives me more mobility
              during the day (I work full time).

              Good luck!


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                My god what a plethora of miss-information. Three months without a shower? That is plain rediculous. No restriction on diet? That is insane. You still have to watch salt, phosphorus, and potassium. Maybe not as strict as in center hemo dialysis, but I have less restrictions on Nocturnal home hemo dialysis then I ever had on PD. Which by the way I did for eleven years. Keeping the exit dry when showering? That is not necessary. It is important to wash the exit site with antibactirial soap. How could you do that keeping the site dry and covered when you shower. Yes no baths and stay away from hot tubs and public pools. The ocean for the most part is good for the exit site. Infections being a reason not to be on PD? Yeah if you can't wash your hands and you like touching the open end of your catheter. I have never been able to keep an IV for more then a day or two. That never stopped me from being on PD. PD better then Hemo??? Let's see I have to stop what ever I am doing every so many hours to do an exchange every single day of the week. Or I only have to go in three days a week for hemo. I have always had more freedom on hemo then PD. Especialy now that I have my own portable Home Hemo machine. Do your research on encapsulating peritonitis and then tell me PD is so great. It is a valid modality and for some it works great. It is only a temporary solution. Like Hemo it involves great care and vigilance. It is not the best or the worst form of treatment. It has it's up's and down's too. For the first four years I was on PD I spent most of my time in and out of the hospital. Not cause of mme making misstakes either. I had a omentum wrap that had to be removed. I had my catheter upgraded to a tunneled site( which I was one of the first to get at UCSF). II had numerous hernias that still cause me trouble. There is another con to PD, weight lifting restrictions. I did travel in my '71 VW van all over the place on PD. I ate anything I wanted, just use 4.25% bags to take the fluid off. Except after eleven years of doing that my Peritoneal wall was such a mess I would have severe bleeding episodes. That is why you still have to restrict your diet. Get informed and don't lie to yourself that things are OK. They aren't, but you can take good care of yourself and live long and happy.


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                  Not showering for the first wk. After that, you're encouraged to take a shower, and clean the exit site with soap and water, don't cover it with a dressing. As matter affect, once the exit site healted, you don't need any dressing at all.

                  There is almost no food restriction. Of course if your phosphorus and potassium is sky high, you should cut down . most probably you won't have any problems since you will be getting dialyzed everyday for 9 hours at night if you choose CCPD versus getting dialyzed 3 times a week for 3-4 hours. If you don't have high blood pressure, no reason to watch salt. I have hypotension, I take a medicine to raise my bp on a daily basis, therefor; i'm encouraged to eat salt.

                  You can swim in a pool and ocean but not lake or springs.

                  You will have more freedom with PD since you don't have to go to the clinic to get dialyzed, since you will be there for lets say 4 hours of tx, and 1 hr before and after, almost half a day, you're killing your whole day. with PD, you will have all day, if your health permits, can work all day without any interruptions. I did this for 3 yrs, free of infections and worked a full time job Monday through Friday.

                  You shouldn't be lifting very heavy just like on hemo, you can kill your fistula and graft that way, same with pd.

                  I had a transplant but if my kidney fails one day (which it will), I will choose PD once again. I always got sick when I was on hemo, always had a headache, throwing up, no appetitie, my bp would either go way up or way low and I crash. I would be sick after the treatment and go home and go to sleep and wouldn't feel well till the next day after noon, and the next afternoon , had to go to dialysis again. but PD, my numbers had gotten better, bp was good, had my life again and went back to work and everything

                  This is me but I wouldnt choose home hemo treatment. what if your bp goes down, and you crash, who is going to help, with in center hemo, at least there is a nurse who is watching and when you crash, they're there to help you, and what happens if your needle gets dislodged, you'll bleed to death in 2-3 minutes if you don't notice, and what if you're sleeping. thats fistula/graft, with tesio, or catheter, that's temporary, that thing goes to your heart, prone to get infection, and it will travel to your heart and brain. and I dont think most insurance companies cover home hemo, unless you're realy sick or something,

                  therefor; i wouldnt trust home hemo. but this is me. my personal opinion


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                    @Pdpt, You didn't at least cover your exit site with a 4X4??? that just sounds crazy to me. I did PD for 11 years and I always wore a 4x4 over my exit site. I did have a friend that didn't and he would always get infections and had to have his catheter replaced numerous times. I wouldn't think that suggesting people go without a cover on the exit is such a good thing.
                    As for Home Hemo, maybe you should do a little research before you go spouting off. First off if yoru BP drops out, That is why most Home Hemo patients are required to have a partner. As for if your needle falls out, Home Hemo machines have pressure gauges. They detect things like lose of pressure and stop the machine and sound an alarm. As for Quinton Catheters being temporary, Mine has been in over a year and is still going strong. As for it being prone to infection, with inproper care everything is prone to infection. I have yet to have had any trouble with mine. Insurance covering Home Hemo, home hemo has a better mortalitly rate then in center, it also has less frequent hospital visits for patients, it costs less then in-center overall. I have yet to see an insurance company that would rather spend more money.
                    Yes there are drawbacks to Home hemo and there are drawbacks to PD. Have you ever heard of Encapsulating schelrosing peritonitis? If you haven't, google it and tell me that long term PD sounds like such a great option. Also more freedom on PD??? This really depends on if you are CCPD or CAPD. Sure if you can do CCPD, I couldn't because I pocket fluid, you have your whole day free. I have my whole day free on Nocturnal Home Hemo now. If you are on CAPD, you have to do exchanges. Sure I traveled cross country, doing my exchanges in my VW Van. Still your not all that free when every four to six hours you have to stop what you are doing to do an exchange.
                    Oh' and about the no diet restriction???? WTF??? Yes you are getting more dialysis, but that does not negate fluid gain. Just use 4.25's to remove it you say. Using 4.25's damages the membrane resulting in scarring. Which in turn can result in the aforementioned Encapsulating peritonits. 4.25's should be a last resort for PD patients. Use of 2.5 should be limited, but necessary for ocassional fluid removal. A less strict diet then In center Hemo can be followed on PD, but no restrictions is just not true. On Home Hemo though I have a less strict diet then I ever had on PD. My blood work is also better then it ever was on PD.
                    Take care;


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                      Not Neccessarily...

                      I do not fully agree with what shivashankerprasad said about PD. The process was correct, but the painless part is only half right. I am 19 and have been on PD since April 2006. Since the very first exchange, I have had pain. I have pain in my lower abdomen, like it's trying to suck out my insides when I am near empty. It's bearable, but there is pain there. And there is stress involved every oncein a while. I haave woken up to bags full of blood 3 times since I have been on dialysis, but I'm a very rare case, since I have so many toher problems.
                      Also, I can't live a normal teenage life on PD. I have a foot and a half long tube coming from my stomach. It's kind of hard to hide. I'm not allowed to take baths (I can shower, of course), I cannot get in any body of water except the ocean, I cannot get into a pool unless it is privately owned and very well maintained, I have to clean the exit site (where the tube comes from my stomach) in a specail way, and nothing is allowed to touch it. I have to wash with antibacterial soap. I guess it's ok for some people.
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                        well its in the mind how u take it.
                        i was on hemodialysis first and it was realy painful.
                        painless term was used in comparison to hemodialysis.
                        as far as leading a normal life is concerned i m more free now no need to go to hospital no need to be hooked to a machine for four houre thrice weekly,no blood transfusion .
                        diet is more relaxed same goes to fluid.


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                          I suppose it is better than HEMO. I tried to do HEMO at the beginning, but the accesses they put in clotted 3 times. PD was my only choice. I do like that I can do it at home, but I am a teenager who lives in Panama City Beach...I am very limited as to what I can do. I can't jsut go to the beach in a bikini like a could before bc of the 1 1/2 foot long tube coming from my stomach. I guess I don't like it bc I'm so young.
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                            Get pro info

                            Whatever you do always get informed information from your doctors for YOU. Everyone is different. I had a really rough time on hemo and feel much better on PD but yes there are problems here too. Let's face it folks none of this is a picnic we would have chosen to go to. However you have to do what is best for YOU and make decisions in concert with your doctor and dialysis team
                            And yes Shay I can't imagine what it must be like to do this at your age. I'm 60 and feel cheated some days but when I see how many young people are dealing with this I feel guilty about feeling sorry for myself. You all have amazing courage


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                              WOW! I haven't seen this thread in a while! I wrote all of that when I was still pretty new to PD and mad that I couldn't do everything that I could before. I'm better now! I joined a lot more dialysis forums and even started one of my own for the younger people on dialysis!! ( )

                              Anyway, thanks for the kind thoughts!!
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