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  • Logging into the Health Portal

    When trying to log into the health portal it does not recognize the last 4 digits of my SS# now i'm locked out. i know they were put in correct since i've had the same last 4 digits for over 50 years.
    Who do i talk to to get this corrected ?

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    Looks like i'm going to get alot of help. The contact form takes you back to the home Davita screen, and it looks like the forums are no way to get help. Not a very good impression of Davita to me. Starting to make me think about contacting my insurance providers and look for a new Dialysis Clinic


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      Please don't change the online access to get lab results. I think that you put in changes since new years day. I am having a terrible time. By the time I get the DaVita labs, I have no idea how I got there.
      So if you have some specific method, please send it to me and then don't change it for 6 months, preferably12 months.

      I find nothing that lets my sign out.

      Next subject. Don't require patients to sign in with a different every month. The people here tell me that I am the only one with a laptop. Every new month I have to put up with a few days where I can't get to the DaVita Guest connection. Again let's change once in 6 or 12 month's.
      Either that or have more that 1 person who can get the connection to DaVita Guest network.


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