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PLEASE help me get to my labs!

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  • PLEASE help me get to my labs!

    This evil, wicked web site says that I can access my lab results. So I follow all the steps, I have set up my account. I am a Davita patient. I log on to the site. I go to My Davita. I opt for the Health Portal. I'm told what wonderful things await me there as soon as I.,......SIGN UP. Okay, thought I was signed up. I'll try again. I enter all the info, get to the end. Hit submit. And I'm told I'm already signed up and that I need to log in. I ALREADY AM LOGGED IN and there is no other place to do so.

    How do I get out of the insane loop?

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    I agree. This website is so annoying. I just want to get to my lab results. I used to login and see a link for lab results in the upper right hand corner. I have spent 15 minutes on this site and still can't find it. Ahhhhhh! I give up.


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      It is under tools at the very top.


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        I can not access my labs....and don't see "tools" anywhere..
        CAPD (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis)
        since 7/13/07 with 4 exchanges a day
        kidney function improved after 2 years
        presently at 2 exchanges a day :-)
        diabetic, not on insulin


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          That happens if you have your screen on more than 100%. God next to the star on top where there is a gear looking thing. Click and get it to 100% where it says zoom/


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            Still cannot find labs. Tried the "tools", there is no "star", Very frustrating, will not use this site again as it is useless! Will complain to social workers.


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              Hello tracyann,

              I'm sorry you are still having issues. I would like to help you. I will send you a private message so we can connect directly.

              Thank you.


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                I am low in calcim what foods are high in this


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                  Trying to access my lab results several times now. I've read all the discussion threads. Doesn't seem to be under Tools, no star, and I'm at 100%. I go to the healthportal page and I keep being asked to sign up. Over and over again. I've done so at least three times. I just bounce back to the mydavita login page. What's up??? Why can't I just be sent to a login page? Others seem to have found it. Arghhh!


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                    Hello kaylamc13,

                    I'm sorry you are having trouble accessing your lab results. I will send you a private message to help troubleshoot.

                    Thank you.


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                      What browser are you using? If it's Internet Explorer stop using it immediately. Try another browser, like Firefox or Chrome.



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