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Diet Helper- Issue with Creating new Recipes

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  • Diet Helper- Issue with Creating new Recipes

    For the last 3 days I have not been able to create a recipe using any of "My Food Creations." I have no trouble seeing other foods when trying to add a new ingredient to a recipe, but none of my food creations come up in the list. Is anyone else having this issue or know of a solution for this problem?

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    Hi William,
    We had an issue last week after doing some backend updates. If you are still having this problem please contact me--I sent a message to your myDaVita message box.
    Thank you,
    RD Sara


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      where is it that I can put in one of my recipes to find out the sodium etc for it. Right now I am on a low sodium diet to reduce my numbers and have chosen to try to eat 1,000 per day. I was told to cut way back on the sodium and nothing tastes good without salt. So I thought maybe i could enter some of my favorite things to see what the sodium and other nutritional numbers were. normal foods I like. so I hope you can tell me where to find out those things so I can go through my cookbooks and do this. I am at stage 3 and trying to keep from having to go on dialysis by reducing my numbers and also on coumadin so sometimes the things I can eat for one thing fights what I can't eat with the other.


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        We have a tool called DaVita Diet Helper that includes a feature called My Creations. You can add your own recipes or meals and instantly view the nutrients.


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          Hi Sara
          This is William Fairchild's spouse who uses his Diet Helper regularly, but suddenly I can't access his account at all. It happened after trying to change his password. At first I couldn't sign back in and got a message that the password didn't match, so I signed out to start over and now it says his user name doesn't exist. His sign in is We didn't get any reply at all using the "contact us" link. You got everything going again last time Sara, so I'm hoping you can help again. Thanks!


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            Hi Marianne,
            Thanks for reaching out. I sent you an email with my contact information. I will help with getting this issue resolved.


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