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  • Hemodialysis log

    I ran across the hemodialysis log of my lastest session a while back on line and it gave me a lot of information about how my bp runs while on dialysis and such. Lately I have had issues with cramps nearly every session and the answer is to extend my time on the machine. I already have adjusted to the metal needles being stuck in my arm for 4 hours, and I certainly don't want them stuck in me for 6-8 hours.I have a lot of issues with that plastic chair. I'm a short person and that's a big chair. When I started dialysis I never had any problems. Then all of a sudden, my right leg would cramp like crazy. Then I had severe abdominal cramps or spasms. They told me I must be eating salt. Well why would I start eating salt when I've been on a salt restricted died since I was 18. The only added salt I was getting was from the saline they gave you at the end to rinse back.
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