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Question for the IT guys? Regarding Diet Helper

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  • Question for the IT guys? Regarding Diet Helper

    Hi there. I have used the Davita Diet Helper a lot and I am trying to get back to doing it diligently again after not doing it for awhile. However when I go back a day or two to add my foods and hit Plan, it now automatically becomes Track so there is no record of what I am eating etc. Is it me or have you changed things? It really drives me crazy that if you hit Track, there is no record for the Dr. And isn't that what the point is? To share with our Dr.'s so they can help us make adjustments?

    Ok I was able to find the list of what I ate but not the nutritional data and when I hit print it goes to the one recipe I used from the Diet Helper for that day and that is all it prints

    In researching further, I took out the first recipe and put in a second one. It wanted to just print the second recipe. When I took out all Diet Helper recipes, all it printed was Diet helper Recipes at the top and the date, Nothing else.
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    Hello. I posted this question a week ago and have not had any response. Am I the idiot? Am I doing something wrong that I can't seem to print out the nutritional information for the week to be able to give to my doctor? I would surely appreciate a response. Thank you.


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      On the main diet helper page, on the bottom left right above Help is Tracker Food Report. That shows all the foods you ate (tracked) during a time period. Is that what your're looking for?


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        Hi Irishlass, I can help answer some of your questions, and will need more info about the printing issues. Check your message box for a friend request and private message from me.
        RD Sara


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          How do you start a new post? I have several questions for IT. Thanks.


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            Hi, thank you for your question! You can start a new post by selecting the forum and sub-forum you'd like to post in, and then clicking the "+ New Topic" button at the top left. However, if you have questions for IT or need support with your account, the best way to contact them is by using this form: I hope this helps!



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