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What's the best diet for my diabetic father?

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  • What's the best diet for my diabetic father?

    My dad has diabetes. Recently he had a blood sugar check up, and his was high: 330 mg/dL. What is the diet he should follow for his health? He eats a lot.

    I posted the same question in What's the best diet for my diabetic father?

    Please give me more suggestions. I am looking out for as many opinions as possible.


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    Re: What's the best diet for my diabetic father?

    Originally posted by smithgerry View Post
    High Protein diet is the best diet you can give to your father because high-protein diet have little effect on the amount of blood glucose present.
    Don't listen to that spammer as his advice is not good for anyone pre-dialysis and only wants his signature link seen (which is possibly a dangerous link).

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      Re: What's the best diet for my diabetic father?

      a renal diet and a diabetic diet are close because of the carb. no-no's but if you need specific advice about the diet to put you dad on get a hold of his dialysis nurse and ask to see the clinic dieticen she can give you list of high Phosoprus, high Calcium, Sodium and so on that you should avoid cooking for him. For example sub a turkey bacon for regular pork bacon will decrease his sodium intake without really changing his eating habits. Or replacing some of the other meats with shrimp. Also there is some great recipes on this site to give you some ideas of what type of foods in a renal diet and you can cross referance them with the diabetic diet which is now carb. high protein.


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        Re: What's the best diet for my diabetic father?

        Try this superb web site! It has so many features I can't begin to list them. but this page lets you find foods that are high in three items and low in three others. once you know what those are, this should help you find recipes.

        When you look there at a specific food, it will tell you the glycemic index and the inflammation factor, the fullness factor, and its nutritional density. etc etc etc! Spend an hour with this site and find out how much it has. I am overwhelmed by its usefulness!


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