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Metallic taste

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  • Metallic taste

    Hi I am helping my Dad who has been on dialysis now for about 6 weeks! He also has heart issues but is having this awful metallic taste in his mouth he will not eat hardly at all he cringes when he puts things in his mouth and it’s been going on since he started! The kidney Dr says his counts are good and does not know why this is happening! Does anyone have any suggestions for this?
    Thank you so very much!!

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    Honestly no. But my metallic taste went away for about 4 weeks when I started dialysis then came back. My numbers are good as well. I hope to see the doctor this week and I’ll get to ask him. If he has any ideas, I’ll share.


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      Hollysilver, does your Dad get any iron supplements. I'm on one for being anemic and this was something I disliked but it has gone away. I'm given an injection directly into my diaylsis line, I still taste that nasty saline though every time my lines are flushed. I hope your Dad feels better and his situation improves, please take care.


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