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    Hi, my name is Krissy. I care for my husband Chad. He has had one transplant which faile afer 9 years and has been on dialysis for the last 7 years. he is kinda stubborn. So in order for him to stay on his diets, meds and trying to quit things. i had to change my diet as well. i can't buy and what I call no no foods for myself because he will eat them.If I get my self some peanuts or chocolate he will wait until I am not around and help himself. Very little elf control. What i am wondering is if any one else had to change their lives to match the other?

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    Many years ago the Dr put my husband on a diabetic diet, not really a bad diet to follow but I had young sons so I didn't make them follow his diet. What I did was keep out a portion of our food allowance to use on them. They ate this food outside of the house, ice cream, cookies, hamburgers, snow cones, meals with gravy, etc. Worked out pretty good.I also hid food for them in empty pasta boxes, flour canisters, my jewelry chest, etc., you get the picture. Hope this helps
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      My mother had to make some changes to her diet once we found out she was diagnosed with CKD Stage 4 (now at stage 5 aka end renal stage). NOW, she has to make even more cuts to her diet (only temporary) bc unbalanced lab results. As her caregiver, I do not eat the same food as her. I have to enforce the diet plan on her, so she knows that this is to KEEP TO HER ALIVE AND HEALTHY. It is not fun when you have to restrict your diet even more, but this is what she has to do. I hope your husband comes to a realization that he needs to follow the diet plan or else this can mess up his treatment care plan.

      I have to keep a food diary and write down what my mother eats every day. It is a pain, but I need to record it in the event her blood pressure is skyrocketing out of the nowhere. If changing your diet will help your loved one eat the safe food for his condition, then I guess you will have to continue that. Each patient is different and we can only hope they can negotiate with us.

      OH. What if you ask your husband's nephrologist if you can give ONE cheat day, so your husband can comply with the diet plan for 6 days of the week and the 7th day can be his cheat day!


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        I care for my husband who suffered kidney damage. I changed both our diets to accommodate his needs. As a result I've lost some weight and feel better and have more energy. My husband has chosen to live and stay off dialysis and so far this lifestyle is working. I've been able to get very creative with our meals and I find I don't miss the salt, the chocolate, the nuts. If I find I really need to eat something that he can't have, I do it when I'm out alone. Stop and have an ice cream or sample some goody in the supermarket. No food is worth losing my husband for.


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