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    I really need help. Im taking care of my boyfriend of 20yrs who in Oct was stage 4 at 15-20% yesterday he was up to 44% is that even possible? I thought you could either stay the same or get worse not improve does anybody know?

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    Yes, it's a blessing! Stage 5, then dialysis for me. No hope for getting better, you could stick a fork in them, they was done! God is good!


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      My father is 90. He is stage 5 at 12 GFR. Decided not to do dialysis. He was released from hospital and moved in with me and my husband. They didn't think he had long to live. Now almost four months later he is doing much better. Out of wheelchair and in walker. Great appetite, etc. So I ask the same question, can a GFR get better? I can't take him to his regular doctor while in hospice and hospice only keeps him comfortable, doesn't do diagnostic testing. But I'm wondering how he can get better. I'm glad he is but it's just odd and I wonder if I should get him off hospice and back to his personal physician. He doesn't want to do dialysis though, so if he doesn't want treatment do I just do nothing? It makes me feel confused if I'm doing right thing.


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